Online Party Fun!

For our final Edublogs webinar of 2009 we had a great party on Elluminate that we recorded with lots of goodies to share and special good wishes from Rosco the pug.


We had four games to share and play but only got around to two of them as these first were such fun and we had an early finish to give people time to get to the Edublogs Awards.

Shelly (@ShellTerrell)    brought along “Win, Lose and Draw” which caused much amusement as teams tried to draw on the whiteboard (always a challenge!) and guess the subjects of the drawings. The drawers made a great job of the difficult task posed by drawing Shelly’s wickedly difficult Christmas related subjects.

Phil (@philhart) then offered “Deviousness” for our entertainment. The objective was to give a clue about a category, word, phrase etc (in this case Phil chose “an embarrassing personal condition”) and then to avoid the group guessing this by giving evasive answers to their questions without actually lying. This caused great hilarity as we all made Phil the “guinea pig” and he was most evasive!

We ran out of time at this point with two games still to play “Team Challenge” and “Rebus Charades” – I will post about these games in the next couple of weeks as we didn’t play them on the recording. So it was time to wind up our sessions for the year with a quick feedback slide and a reminder to join us in 2010.

First session of 2010 on Elluminate as usual. Depending on your timezone will be on Thursday January 7th at 23:00 GMT (6pm USA EST, Midnight CET) or Friday January 8th at 7am West Aus, 10am NSW.

Wishing you all a Great Holiday and a Very Happy and Successful New Year!

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