Many webinars – recording links

Introduction A catch-up of the recording links for  our webinars over the last few months. Fine Focus (13/14 March 2014) – “Lucky Dip” In this recorded session we discussed where we find interesting links and explored a few that have … Continue reading

Edublogs webinar overview – Characteristics of 2E students – Part 2

Introduction Yet again my apologies for tardiness in posting this. I hope to get my act together next year and return to posting soon after sessions. This recorded session was Part 2 of Jo Freitag’s (@jofrei) terrific session about  “Twice Exceptional” … Continue reading

Edublogs webinar overview – Characteristics of 2E students – Part 1

Introduction This recent recorded session was Part 1 of another of Jo Freitag’s (@jofrei) excellent sessions about aspects of working with 2E learners. For those of you as bemused by the term as I was when I first encountered it, … Continue reading

Edublogs webinar overviews – Pt 2 De Bono action shoes for 2E students, a Serendipity & shared tools

  Introduction Apologies once again for the delay in posting and the need to do a three in one post. Too many things happening in life and work at the moment and I can’t keep up! The first of the … Continue reading

Webinar overviews – Edublogs Serendipity & De Bono action shoes for 2E students

REMINDER It’s that time of year again! Over the next few weeks timezone chaos will reign. Half the world goes onto daylight saving and half comes off daylight saving. Except for a few regions such as here in Western Australia … Continue reading

Edublogs webinar overview – Birdwatching with biblical binoculars

Introduction In this excellent recorded session we learned about “Birdwatching with biblical binoculars” (@jofrei) – Jo Freitag of the Gifted Resources information service told us the story of her exciting blogging project carried out with a group of Church School … Continue reading

Edublogs Serendipity webinar overview – four topics!

Introduction This recorded Serendipity session was a little different from usual in that we took a brief look at several different topics: 2 minute teaching presentations in job interviews managing image sizes technology troubles the new look Twitter – what … Continue reading

Edublogs webinar overview – Do you know Dabrowski’s Dogs?

Introduction This recorded, Fine Focus session presented by Jo Freitag (@jofrei) was fascinating and exciting. Jo coordinates the “Gifted Resources” information service website which includes “Sprite’s Site” where Dabrowski’s Dogs are regular visitors. She has intrigued us with mentions of … Continue reading

Edublogs Serendipity webinar overview – project based learning

Introduction For this exciting  recorded unconference session Tracy Watanabe (@tracywatanabe), who is Technology Integration Specialist at Apache Junction USD in Arizona, was our guest facilitator. Tracy is a regular attendee at both Serendipity and Fine Focus sessions and did a … Continue reading

Overview Edublogs Serendipity webinar – Web2.0 tools for activities

Edublogs Awards! Well voting time for Edublogs Awards is nearly up! I have just felt so pleased and honoured that the Edublogs Live webinars were shortlisted in the “Best Educational Webinar Series” category. To check out the nominations and then … Continue reading