This is our course blog. The word blog is short for “weblog” which is just a name for a type of website or a where you can easily upload “stuff” for others to see. It can be all sorts of different things – it doesn’t have to be just writing. Your blog is what you want it to be – or sometimes what you need it to be to show off your skills! It can be any or all of these:

  • an online diary or record of things that you do;
  • a place to write and share ideas;
  • somewhere to include pictures, videos or other media;
  • a professional or business place;
  • a personal place where you write for yourself;
  • a portfolio where you gather evidence of your learning and/or your skills;
  • somewhere to tell others how you do things.

A piece of writing or other media that you put on your blog is called a “post” and when you put the post on the blog this is known as publishing.

What is this blog about?

This course is about making your own blog and using it to showcase your learning and skills by making posts and uploading files and using e-tools like the Voki to make your posts more interesting to make and visit. Doing this will also help you to gather evidence for three units in one of the Certificates in General Education for Adults.

This blog is here to help you with your own blog – we will do that in several different ways:

  • posts that “show and tell” how to use some of the e-tools you will use to make blog posts – they will use a mixture of writing, pictures, diagrams and sometimes audio and/or video;
  • posts that give you links to useful e-tools and how to use them;
  • we will use different e-tools to make our posts so you can see how they can be used;
  • we will comment on the posts we write so you can see how to add comments – and we will ask you to comment on the posts too.

We will set up your own blogs soon and help you to log in and get started.

Before you start with your own blog we would like you to start with making some comments on posts on the course blog. You will see that there are comments on this post, you can use these to help you get ideas about how to make comments on blog posts.

Once you have looked at the first comments on the post have a go at writing your own comment. Look at the “how to” below and follow the instructions to add your own comment.

Your comment will appear soon – at the moment we have the blog set for comments to be checked before they appear.  We will change this once you have had some practise.

Good luck with your first comment!

14 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. This post is intended to tell you a bit about blogs. We would like you to comment on the post. Tell us how the post was useful for you. Also tell us what you think of the Voki. Does it make the post more interesting to have the Voki included?


  2. This post was useful in that, before reading it I didn’t actually know what the point of a blog was. Now I do. The Voki is a good idea, definitely more interesting than just having text!

  3. This post was very interesting and useful. The Voki is a brilliant idea to capture attention and to entertain the audience whilst learning also.

  4. I think the post is a great idea in helping people learn about Blogs. The Voki also is a great idea to help get the message out in a fun way.

  5. I currently have my own blog and this has helped me to think of some new ideas to enhance my blog. The Voki is a brilliant way to add something a bit different and more interesting than than just ordinary text for your viewers.

  6. This post clearly explained to me what a blog was, and also thoughtfully provided suggestions of what I would choose to blog about personally. I enjoyed the visual and audio interaction of the Voki and I look forward to using e-tools in my own blog.

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