Edublogs Webinar 19th/20th Nov

Our Edublogs webinar this week was an action packed session. Guest presenter Shelly Terrell joined us to give a heads up on Tweetdeck with a session entitled “Tweetdeck: Get Organized on Twitter”  As often occurs in our webinars there was a very high level of interaction and participation throughout in the text chat.

As all good educators do Shelly began the session with questions and a poll to find out where we were coming from with respect to Twitter and Tweetdeck and also asked what we wanted to learn from the session.

Next came a great demo (using application share) running through most of the rest of the sesion and enabling Shelly to share and show us  some of the latest TweetDeck features including: creating columns, placing your followers into groups, adding new followers quickly, and following hashtag discussions!

This was fantastic – Elluminate application share coped quite well with the constant refreshing that happens in Tweetdeck. Our Tweets to Shelly during the session appeared to eveyone on Shelly’s TweetDeck through the application share. Shelly also showed us how to change Tweetdeck’s refresh rate to reduce the number of refreshes.

To round off Shelly gave us a quick test, just to make sure we had all been paying attention and to reinforce our learning 🙂

This was a great session much enjoyed by all! Thanks again to Shelly for giving us a great insight into the possibilites of Tweetdeck for managing our Twitter streams more effectively.

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